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How to Sing Better and Improve Your Vocal Range

Although most people will never try out for American Idol, a great many individuals would like to know how to sing better. Here are a few helpful tips:
A singer must encourage their body to stay relaxed. If a vocalist is standing while singing, they should lift their arms about six inches away from their sides as this will permit a full expansion of the lungs. As the singer inhales, they must fill their stomach completely with air. As the individual exhales, they push the air out of their lungs using the diaphragm.
The diaphragm is a curved muscle that separates the lungs from the stomach. It is located just below the rib cage. Staying relaxed is imperative, as nervousness will create tension on the diaphragm, and destroy a singer's ability to hold and sing clear notes. The performer should place their feet in a balanced position and in alignment with their shoulders.
Putting one foot slightly ahead of the other will also work. Knees should never be locked; instead, they must be kept slightly bent. If the vocalist is in a sitting position, keeping the back straight but not stiff is important. In this posture, the feet should be approximately 12 inches apart, and both should be flat on the floor.
A higher note is more readily achieved when the arms are raised slightly above the six inch mark. A moderate smile can also be helpful. A delicate crying tone, underneath the words the vocalist is singing, will also enhance his or her ability to reach these notes. Practicing singing "boo hoo" to achieve this will render great results. For lower notes, dropping the arms slightly, creating a larger opening with the mouth and encouraging the jaw to relax will gain the deep resonating sound desired.
Muscle memory is important in learning how to sing better. Placing too much forceful pressure on the muscles surrounding the larynx or voice box will spoil the vocalist's ability to carry a tune. Adding a bit of a dopey tone to the voice will encourage the muscles surrounding the larynx to relax. Once these muscles are trained properly, the dopey tone can be removed and a clear singing voice that reverberates just above a person's normal speaking voice will capture everyone's attention. Remember, high and low notes cannot be reached when too much tension is present.
Believe it or not, what an individual drinks or eats before singing can affect the quality of their voice. Drinking bottled water or juice can be advantageous, but one should do so an hour or two before singing. Tobacco, dairy products, and alcohol will create detrimental results and will impair the clear notes that the singer is trying to reach.
In addition, getting in shape can be beneficial for the vocalist, and it will create favorable consequences for a more powerful voice. The more deeply the singer can breathe the better their instrument will resonate with clearer tones. The individual's confidence will also be boosted, which is always helpful, especially since being relaxed is an integral part of being a successful singer.
If a vocalist is truly serious about learning how to sing better, they should consider hiring a vocal coach. He or she can teach proper techniques for strengthening the voice and prevent the singer from harming their vocal instrument.
Would you like to learn how to sing better? If so, you will want to read my review of Singorama, which can help you learn to sing with a full vocal range.

How to Become an SEO Expert

Do you have a website, a quality product but need targeted traffic. Search engine optimization is the foundation of getting organic traffic to any site or blog. Today were going to discuss several simple yet powerful ways of making your site SEO friendly and getting you that targeted traffic you need.
1) If you want your website to rank high in the search engines you must have quality, fresh content that is updated regularly. If you are using a blog this will be easier because most blog platforms update automatically after every post. Search engines love fresh content, in order for you to succeed you must constantly be updating and adding quality relevant content to your site or blog. These are the sites that get the most attention from the search engines, plus you will have a large following of regularly returning visitors. If your site never changes or isn't very useful that gives no one a reason to return, there goes your traffic.
2) You must remember also that to achieve success online takes hard work and time. Nothing happens overnight so put that thought out of your head now. In addition to content you need inbound links from other relevant sites. Start a reciprocal link exchange directory that is categorized and exchange as many relevant links with preferably high page rank sites and blogs as possible. You also want inbound one way links, these are links pointing to you that you do not have to add a link on your site to theirs.
3) When you have focused on your SEO strategies you then need to worry about getting traffic. There are a few very effective ways of doing this.
a) Article marketing, write and submit your niche related article to popular directories. This establishes you as an expert in your field as well as gives you valuable back links to your site.
b) Forum posting and blog commenting. Make relevant comments in forums and on high page rank blogs, this allows you to leave your link, once again giving you back links.
c) Free ad classifieds, this has to be done on an ongoing and regular basis to work. For example if you post several ads with craigslist (a page rank 7 site) at the least you get the back links.
These strategies will give you site exposure as well as back links to your site. In order to rank high in the search engines you need as many links as possible. This will give you a steady stream of targeted traffic coming to your offers.
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How to Tan Naturally and Safely

Do you love the look of sun kissed skin, but worry about the long term ramifications of tanning? If so then you are not alone. For years there has been quite a bit of talk about tanning, and you may be confused by what you hear. So unless you plan to spend the summer looking like a ghost, it is important that you learn what is safe and what isn't in the wide world of tanning.
First, I want to stress that baking in the sun is out! Every time you go outside you are exposing your skin to the elements and risking damage and premature aging. It doesn't matter how old you are, your skin type, or your location. Sun block with a SPF of at least 15 is a must for everyone. Apply it at least 30 minutes before leaving the house, and reapply often. Once again- lying out in the sun is not an option. If you do, you can look forward to:
o Getting wrinkly skin prematurely
o Getting sunburned or blistered
o Getting skin cancer
In fact, every year over 60,000 new cases of skin cancer are diagnosed, mostly due to unsafe tanning practices.
Doesn't sound like something that you want to experience? Well you aren't alone. The next option you have is tanning beds. While tanning beds offer you a bit more control over your exposure rate, they still aren't a valid option. The sheer act of tanning is damaging to your skin. So I would skip the tanning beds and search for something less damaging.
So what else is there?
Self tanners are perhaps your safest and best bet. Now, if you tried some of these products a few years back you may be skeptical about going back. Products of yesterday used to be streaky and fake looking. Luckily technology has played a huge role in the self-tanning market and has allowed manufacturers to create a product that rivals the look of a sun-kissed tan. The trick is to find a quality product and learn to apply it correctly.
Some tips for getting a perfect self-tanner tan are:
o Exfoliate! Basically what this means is remove the dead skin cells that can dull your complexion. Dead skin cells will suck up the self tanner and leave you looking streaky. You can purchase a loofah or exfoliation cream at any beauty supply store. One hot shower and a bit of scrubbing will leave your skin in perfect condition for self-tanner application.
o Make sure your skin is dry before application. Many people are quick to start applying the self tanner right after they exfoliate. This will lead to a blotchy result that will look unnatural. So step away from the shower, dry off thoroughly, and go watch a sitcom or two. That way you will be dry and ready to get a perfect tan.
o Buy a brand that you can see when you apply. There are many things that you will want to look for when choosing a brand. Finding one that is easy to see when you apply it will help prevent over application or missed spots. You can always go back and do touch ups once it has dried, but colored creams or lotions will help make your job a bit easier.
o Use gloves to prevent streaky hands. No one has to know that you self-tan! Prevent streaky odd colored hands by using surgical gloves when applying the tanner. Your palms will come out the right shade, and you won't have to explain yourself for a week afterwards.
o Use less product on knees and elbows for even color. Your joints are usually drier and tend to suck up more self tanner than other areas of your body. Apply less tanner to these areas for an even look. Exfoliation will also help a bit, but always work on the side of caution.
Still scared to do it yourself? Consider a professionally done spray on tan. The concept is simple; you strip down to the bare minimum and then enter a shower type stall. Most tanning salons have such devices and the shower will then spray your entire body for an all over sun kissed glow. Some salons will allow you to do it yourself, or have the treatment done by another. Once the spray on tan solution has been applied, you want to let it dry completely before putting your clothing back on.
Good luck, and get ready to start getting compliments on your sun kissed glow!
Adam Short is freelance writer and creator of - a site providing facts about tanning and tanning products.

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